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Choosing the right songs.

When you book Miracle Cure for your wedding or party we'll usually ask you to check out our songlist on our website and choose a bunch of songs that you like (typically 10-15). We'll then build our set around those choices but ask that you trust us to construct the rest of the set ourselves. We learnt pretty quickly many years ago that allowing client to choose the entire set and sticking rigidly to it is not the way to go. There is a crowd that you want entertained and the band's job is to use its judgement to play songs that allow everyone to enjoy themselves. (Much as we wanted to play the groom's request of Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell' a few years back the bride's face suggested it might be unwise..)

We do operate on the fly to some extent - pick songs to suit the mood or the particular moment and often play requests that are made on the night itself. We are also happy to learn your first dance song as part of the quoted fee and sometimes learn a song or two that isn't part of our songlist for the main set, especially if it's a song that we'll use again. 'Belle of Belfast City' is a recent example - a client asked for it recently and it's gone down so well we've played it at every function since.


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