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Getting jiggy with it.. 

Since the last post we've been extremely busy during busy season for Function bands...we've visited some fantastic locations over the last few weeks starting with The Olde Bell in Hurley for the lovely Shannon and Will's wedding reception where we followed the secret waitresses who went down a treat. Then the crowd went wild for our Irish set in particular and some even busted out the Irish dancing. This was followed by Laura and Matt's wedding at Bellows Mill where we had Matt Howes on vocals who produced an impromptu acoustic 'Common People' on demand.

**Matt takes off into the crowd while singing. Cool. **

Then onto Berkshire and some medieval madness in probably the best garden I have ever seen backing on to a confluence of the river Thames and another river that I've forgotten. What I do recall is lots of chainmail and ladies in their wimples going so crazy on the dancefloor at Martyn's beautiful voice/face that they would have been condemned as demonically possessed in medieval times. But thankfully it's 2019 so no punishment! Thank you to Angela for being such a lovely host.

We then had Brendan and Louisa's celebration near Stevenage. The crowd went crazy and I proudly quote the venue manager :"We have never seen the dancefloor so packed. Ever!" I made the poor woman repeat it to camera in the dark so check out the testimonial (and the others) on our Instagram and FB pages.

The following day we played for Kat and Will in a great outside setting in Bradmoor Woods in Norfolk. Martin told me off again for calling a reel a jig (or was it the other way round?) but we played great anyway and tried to take on the Irish in a stamina contest. And lost, obviously.

Please check out some reviews of these performances on social media. Thank you to all of these lovely people for booking us and see you soon!


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