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Rambo, EastEnders and Average Joe.

At the end of our shows we like to grab a rough and ready testimonial, while the blood is still pumping and passions are high. We have collated some from recent months here. May as well as we've nothing else to do at the moment. 

Highlights include:

- "Bolloc**ing wonderful"...

-... followed by the most heartrending and desperate request for "one last song" that you will ever see. From a suburban Rambo. 

-"Not just your average Joe wedding band"

-"They smashed it" - from EastEnders Ricky Groves! 

-"I can't recommend them HIGHLY" (Lee definitely meant to add "enough")

-"...above and beyond and the best wedding band I have ever heard" - from a man who looks like he brooks no argument. 

We are looking forward to rocking again....


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